Hunger Games question

Hunger Games! :)
Hunger Games! 🙂

Hello! Jellybeankitty here! I have a question for all of you. If you liked the hunger Games this is for you. What was better the Hunger Games movie or the Hunger Games book? Type in your answer now. Don’t forget to ask questions that will be answered every Friday! Type that answer in fast! Answer by this Friday or your vote will not be counted. (=^.^=)


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4 thoughts on “Hunger Games question

  1. Hi jellybeankitty,
    Your Mom,my friend, told me about your blog. I was amazed to know you are doing this. I am much older and don’t have a clue about doing these kind of things. I will check in once in awhile and see what you are up to. Keep up the fun reporting.

      1. Dear jellybeankitty,
        Thank you for offering to help me. I will think about it. A couple of my friends suggested I do a blog about the importance of touch for patients in the hospital but I’m not ready yet. I have taught classes to nurses about how to do caring touch. I have a little red bear (called Red Bear) that is my mascot for the classes. Everyone loves him. Your Mom has met Red Bear.

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