How music effects us and our lives.

Hi guys! Its Jellybeankitty here! I’m here with a very intresting scientific topic… How does music effect us and our moods? Well there are multiple ways we react to music. For example: You wake up one morning. You feel horrible. You turn on the radio and BAM! Your least favorite song comes on. Ouch. Your morning just got worse.

The worst part is after something like this happens you will react to people diffrently as well. And sometimes you will stay like that for the rest of the day. But then you get home and your favorite song comes on and you take your whole experience from a diffrent angle. I have decided something. When we sing we ispire. And when we have something we like we feel better. Anyways it’s not just music that effects our lives but the people around us. So I have a challenge for you guys. I dare you to make 12 diffrent people smile this week. Comment if you finish the challenge I will be doing it to and I’m gonna end this blog off here. Don’t forget to tell your friends! Tell me what you want me to talk about next and I will see you all later…. BYE! (=^.^)


One thought on “How music effects us and our lives.

  1. What a fantastic idea! And I agree that when you sing you inspire. Plus you feel better yourself too, not only because you are creating a beautiful sound but also because you breathe more deeply and it calms the body down. So go forth and sing it loud!

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