Valentine’s day singing

Hi guys! It’s Jellybeankitty here! So I’m going to talk about my experience singing in front of my school (or +100 people). So let me just start of by saying…. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I loved being on stage and being able to sing a song I had been practicing. I also would like to thank all the other people who said I was going to do awesome, that helped a lot :). Now lets get to the story. I actually tried out for this opertunity to sing back in January. This group of kids in our school choose 8 people to go on stage, I was one of the lucky 8 kids. My friend Ariauna was there to watch me try out, and just saying, that might have been a tiny bit more scary than preforming in front of the school. Call me crazy all you like, but when you think about it, that was the time when I was going to find out if I was even as good as I though.

So eventually we got a call that I got in and that was super cool. I was exited so I sent the voice mail we got to some of my friends. They where all also very exited. So skip a 2 weeks to Valentines day around 8:00 A.M. I had to get to school early so I texted my friends that I was really nerves. This is kind of off topic but I told one of my friends so he told my teacher (he knows who he is) and no one believed him when he said I was actually in the building so that was a bowl of laughs when I actually walked in class for a few minutes after rehursel before I had to leave to go to the gym (which is where we had the actual show). ANYWAYS! Back to my time at rehearsel. We spent over two hours in the gym. When we actually started with figuring everything out I got even MORE scared. Eventually I got up and rehearsed on stage. I talked to my friend who was also preforming (she wasn’t singing she was pogoing).

Now lets go to the preformance. When we were behind stage we were all supporting each other and that was nice. Then after a while I herd my name called and I walked on stage with a big grin on my face. I learned that if I don’t look nerves then I will become less nerves. Its kinda like tricking yourself into believing something. I sang Put your records on by Corinne Bailey Ray. I remember looking out into the audience and seeing my friends from my class waving their hands in the air like they where a human neon light sign. When the song finished I waved to the crowd and walked off stage to sit in the crowd.

Now lets talk about after the performance. I was actually mobbed by my friends from my class and eventually my teacher made us all sit down. I was getting compliments from people I didn’t even know. My teachers also complimented me and I was shoked about the number of people who liked my singing.

Thats all guys :). I hope you enjoyed the story. If you want to hear the song I will leave a link to one of the many youtube videos so you can listen to the song (sadly not me singing. Sorry). If you would like to hear more storys just tell me and I you have any questions feel free to ask away. Thank you for reading. My name is Jellybeankitty and goodbye (=^.^=)

Link to Put your records on by, Corinne Bailey Rae:


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