Music and how its changed. (=^.^=)

Hey guys! Jellybeankitty here! Let’s talk about music. Has anyone noticed that lots of the “popular music” is about things like drugs and violence? Back in the time of The Beatles there where no songs about violence or drugs, but I guess some people feel the need to talk about stuff people don’t generally care about. There are still good singers and bands out there like Lorde, Sara Bareilles, The Wanted, and KT Tunstill to name a few. I hope to see people to turn away from all the rappers who sing about violence and drugs and turn to the true artists of our time who want to share their beautiful voices with the world and the ones who use their words wisely and don’t swear. Anyways, question of the day, what sort of music do you guys like? I like lots of different types of music. Until next time you guys. BYE! (=^.^=)


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