The Key to Writing a Good Story. (=^.^=)

Hey guys! It’s Jellybeankitty here! Today I’m giving you guy’s tips on how to write a good story. Lets go!

1.   Find an Idea. 

First things first! Before you even try to write a story ask yourself what do you want to write? Think of a funny, sad, or interesting event in your life and turn it into something else.

2.   Main Character(s) Name. 

Think of some names. The Internet has some resources like name lists. These can always be helpful. You should also ask your friends if you’re having trouble finding one. I will leave a link to a website that has lists of names in the description. If you already have a good name chosen then skip this step. J

3.   Use Your Resources!!!

You know how people always go, “You should just use your resources”? Well, that’s your best option when writing a book. Look in a thesaurus to find cool words to replace words like run, jump, and said.

4. Make Sure You Have an Outline.

  If you know what is going to happen in your story then your set to start writing!

5.   Ready? Set. WRITE!

Start writing your story! Make sure everything you want to include is in the story. Remember to make the story interesting.

6.   Spell Checking.

  Make sure if you’re writing a chapter book to spell check every chapter! Someone reading your book might notice if something is misspelled.

7.   Peer Edit.

Ever so often get feedback on your story from a friend. Invite them over and have them read your story. Make sure it’s an honest friend who will always tell the truth. Remind them that if they think you should add something that they should tell you.

8.   Find a Publisher.

After all that hard work you can finally publish your book. You will be turned down many times before you find someone who appreciates your work. You should take the advice they give you and fix your story.

9.   Last But Not Least, Publish!

There will be a publisher who will say yes to your story and then it’s off to be published. You’ve done it!!! Congratulations! You are now an author!

I hope you found this helpful. I enjoy writing and I thought I would give some tips. I forgot to mention that you should also figure out what sort of story you want to write and if your wondering this took me a long time to write 🙂 . Hope you enjoyed. See you later! (=^.^=)

Resource for names:


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